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The use of antithesis in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

LO: to learn what antithesis is, and how to spot it, and how to describe the EFFECT it has on the reader…

Write down words in Dr Jekyll that are important OPPOSITES

Thesis Antithesis Effect on reader? What does it make you think? Feel? What questions do they make you ask?
Good Evil Stevenson forces us to think about moral issues when he uses these words
Tall Small The effect for me is very disturbing, it forces us to think about Hyde’s deformity
Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde These two antithetical names provoke a lot of thoughts in the reader. They force you think: how can Jekyll take a potion to become Hyde? Why does he want to be Hyde? Is Hyde really Jekyll? Are they one person or two? They have become “antithetical words” in the language, we talk about Jekyll/Hyde personalities.

Ascetic behaviour






Indulgence/sexual promiscuousness


The main EFFECT of antithesis for me in the novel is that it creates the ILLUSION that Hyde and Jekyll are different people when they are not. We are constantly being told that Jekyll is ‘respectable’ and that Hyde is ‘disreputable’; that Hyde is violent and that Jekyll is peaceable.