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Sequencing, comprehension and summary exercises on the whole story

 Post Reading



 Listed below are the different events of the novel but they are all muddled up. Re-organise them into the correct order by entering a number from 1 to 14 next to each one:

 ____    Jekyll makes Utterson promise help for Hyde if necessary.


____    A maid witnesses Hyde’s murder of Sir Danvers Carew.

____    A worried servant summons Utterson to Jekyll’s house.

____    Utterson tells Dr Lanyon about his worries over Jekyll’s will.

____    Hyde is not seen for some time and Jekyll does lots of work for charity.

____    Utterson breaks down the laboratory door and finds Hyde has committed suicide.

____    Utterson meets Hyde and is more concerned than ever.


____    Enfield tells his friend, Utterson, about seeing a man called Hyde trampling over a girl.


____    Utterson leads police to Mr Hyde but he escapes.


____    Later, Utterson reads Dr Lanyon’s description of Jekyll’s transformation into Hyde. 


____    Jekyll’s final letter confesses his motives for wanting to become Hyde and explains his  decision to commit suicide.


____    Utterson knows that Dr Jekyll’s will leaves a considerable sum to Hyde.


____    Jekyll presents Utterson with a letter from Hyde. It is a forgery: the handwriting is similar to that of Jekyll.

____    A search reveals a new will and a letter for Utterson but no Jekyll.


1. What is Utterson’s profession?

2. With whom does Utterson take a weekly walk?

3. What did Enfield see Hyde do late one night?

4. Whom does Jekyll’s will initially specify as his heir?

5. Why has Lanyon and Jekyll’s friendship cooled?

6. How does Utterson first meet Hyde?

7. How do the characters in the novel describe Hyde?

8. When Utterson tells Jekyll that he has “been learning something of young Hyde,” how does Jekyll respond?

9. What does a servant girl witness from a window?

10. Who leads the police to Hyde’s home?

11. What is Poole’s position?

12. What happens to Hyde after the Carew murder?

13. What happens to Jekyll after the Carew murder?

14. What does Mr. Guest tell Utterson about the handwriting on the letter from Hyde?

15. What does Lanyon give Utterson before he dies?

16. In the weeks following his dinner party, what happens to Jekyll?

17. Where do Enfield and Utterson see Jekyll one day during his seclusion?

18. Who summons Utterson to Jekyll’s house near the end of the novel?

19. Why do the servants think that the man in the laboratory is not Jekyll?

20. Who does Utterson find in the laboratory after breaking down the door?

21. What horrifying event does Lanyon write about having witnessed?

22. Who is Hyde?

23. What brings Hyde into being?

24. Initially, why does Jekyll turn himself into Hyde?

25. How does Jekyll deal with Hyde in the end?

Synthesize and collate exercise: What PROBLEMS do Utterson, Lanyon and Jekyll encounter in this novel and what are their solutions to these problems?